Children At Weddings

- Posted on: 22/06/2018 -

Many couples that I have worked with over the years have asked me should they invite children to their wedding and my answer is always definitely yes! But on the condition that they cater for the children with both food and entertainment.


Although this is totally down to personal preference, I love to see children at weddings because you only have to look at how their little faces glow with excitement at weddings to know they love the fact that they’re there with all the grown-ups on a special occasion. Children don’t really understand what weddings all about are but they do understand that they are special days to be involved in.


As I already mentioned, once you cater for children with both food and suitable entertainment there’s never any issues on the big day. It makes so much sense because it’s funny to think we would expect children to sit quietly through a five-course meal, speeches and adult entertainment without misbehaving when most adults find it impossible to do this!


 Remember there is no such thing as a naughty child at a wedding just a bored child. So here are my tips to including children in your big day:


1. It’s always best to feed the children first. If at all possible why not check if your venue has a smaller private room where the children can eat during the drinks reception. This way they are fed before the main meal so the adults can enjoy their food and the children aren’t passing out with hunger or full of beans because all they’ve had are fizzy drinks and crisps. If your budget allows you to, you can always hire in a kid’s entertainer for while the children are eating. Magicians and face painters always go down well at weddings.


2. If you prefer to have the kids eat with the adults, I would recommend to have some snack bags made up for the children at the drinks reception.


3. If the children attending the wedding are of a similar age group than why not set up a separate kids table for them? Children love this because they’re still in the main room with all the adults but they have other children to talk to and play with rather than being stuck at a table with adults, listening to boring adult conversations. And why not make them feel super special and theme the kids table, you can name it after a popular cartoon, add activity packs and make-and-do kits, even add streamers, balloons and party poppers, everything kids love. Again, you’re just ensuring that they have appropriate entertainment for during the meal.


4. You should always insist that the children are served first if eating in the main ballroom and give them food that they like, pizza, burgers, sausages, chips, etc. They can always have the option of half portions of the adult meals but again the dining experience should be relaxed for the children. Once the children eat something of substance, the parents will be happy.


5. Another great way of keep the little ones entertained is with games and not just any games…. GIANT GAMES! Events companies across the country are now hiring out giant games such as Connect 4, Jenga, Buzz and so many more. These can be set up to the side or back of the ballroom on the day. What I love most about these games is that not only will they keep the young ones entertained during the meal but the young at heart will also get great fun out of them after dinner! What’s even better news is that these giant games can be hired for minimal costs. We often recommend Event Dimensions who look after our wedding décor and they will be delighted to advise you on the best games to keep everyone happy.


6. Finally, why not show a movie for the kids after dinner? Again, consult with your venue with regards to the possibility of using a small room with a projector and screen, hook it up to a laptop and show their favourite movie. Your venue should also be able to provide details of a babysitting service which you could consult with to supervise the kids while they watch the movie or simply bribe one of the teens to supervise! This is the perfect way for the kids to wind down after a long day.

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Francesca Fennell

Wedding Coordinator

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