Sensory Play Room


Our Team at the Pillo Hotel, in conjunction with the amazing team at Sensory House have specially designed and installed a Sensory Room to help children escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In a world that can sometimes be overstimulating for children we have carefully created a quite escape for children, in a safe, fun and colourful environment.

We are proud to be the first hotel in Ireland to custom design and install a Sensory Room.  


This room has been designed to help regulate energy levels and also improve visual, auditory and tactile processing. The combination of different textures, lights, bubbles, sounds and colours can have a positive impact on a child’s ability to self-regulate and promote a happier more confident child. Sensory rooms can also improve a child’s attention for improved communication and also provide an interactive and fun space for much needed family time. 


Our team are passionate about providing services for all of our younger clientele, regardless of ability and we have installed this room to ensure guests leave having had an enjoyable and inclusive experience.  


In order to make sure that every child gets the most out of this room and its benefits we have made this room bookable to 1 family exclusively per allocated time slot. This is to ensure every child and family can truly appreciate the zen-like qualities of this room. This room is bookable via the below link. The Sensory Room is complementary to hotel residents, who also must book using the below link or is priced at €20.00 per family, for up to 2 adults and 3 kids per 45 minute booking. On arrival guests can check-in at reception and will be given the key to the Sensory Room. A key deposit of €50.00 will be required at reception and this is then return to the guest after the session has finished and the key is returned on time.  


We hope you and your family enjoy the Sensory Room, as much as we enjoyed designing it! 


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