Greening Initiative at Pillo Hotel & Leisure Club


We have rolled out a green initiative here at the Pillo Hotel & Leisure Club and aim to minimise our mark on the environment. Everyone can do their bit, no matter how small and we have taken our first steps.

As well as a dedicated ‘Green Ambassador’, we are rolling out the 5 C’s to form our Greening Initiative:


         Carbon Footprint

      Monitoring our carbon emissions with the aim to reduce and use green energy alternatives


    Reduce all waste and save the environment


     Adopting polices through all departments and external partners


    A promise to manage & reduce consumption of goods, energy and unsustainable products


     All working together sharing a common knowledge and goals


Currently the initiatives we have in place include:

         E-Chargers at the rear of the hotel

         Our annual Christmas Tree recycling drive which sees over 1,000 trees dropped off at the hotel for re-cycling

         Motion active light bulbs in public and staff areas


 As valued guests, you can help us improve our environmental performance by:


Keeping windows closed if the heating is on.


Turning off lights, TV’s, plugs, etc. when they are not required.


 Requesting when towels are to be changed.

 Saving water by not using running water while brushing teeth and shaving, and to report any leaks.

Remove key card from energy unit upon leaving the room.


If there are any green initiatives you feel that we could implement here or partner with, please contact our Green Ambassador by clicking here

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