Congratulations You're Engaged! What's Next?

- Posted on: 19/07/2018 -

Just got engaged? Don’t know how or where to start with the wedding plans? Francesca, our wedding coordinator at the 4* Pillo Hotel & Spa, shares her four points to get you started:

1 : Choosing A Date

When choosing a wedding date, it is important to remember that certain dates throughout the year tend to get booked out early on, such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas dates, bank holiday weekends and weekends throughout the Summer. This is why setting the date early on is crucial, especially if you have your hearts set on a particular date. You should also bear in mind that certain dates may also carry a premium charge when booking a wedding package or booking services. Will this fall within your budget? Will the date you have in mind give to adequate time to save and plan your big day?

Will your dream venue have this date available? When going to visit venue open days or showcases, discuss with your fiancé what dates you would prefer and the venue can check availability and perhaps provisionally hold this date for you on the day. It would be a shame to find your dream venue and for your ideal date not be available for you.

2 : What Type Of Wedding Ceremony Do You Want?

 Do you want a religious or civil ceremony? The style of wedding that you have is personal and should reflect the beliefs and values you and your partner share. Do you want a religious ceremony, non-religious, humanist, spiritualist? Take the time to talk to your partner about the style of ceremony you want and how you may want to personalise it and then research the various options available.

Again, booking a date is crucial as the same dates as above will book out quickly. Also remember that with civil ceremonies you must declare your intent to get married a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the set wedding date.

3 : Picking a venue

Choosing a venue can prove to be quite tricky, but some of the following questions should help narrow down the search a little.

Ask yourself what is your ideal reception location? Is it indoors or outdoors, in Ireland or abroad? Is it a country manor, a castle or a modern hotel you’re looking for? How many people do you want to invite and can the venue accommodate this number of guests? Does the venue also accommodate for ceremonies?

Discussing these questions with your fiancé, can help to narrow down choices and choose a dream venue that you both will love.

4 : Set a budget:

 This should be the golden rule when planning any wedding! Make sure that you have set a budget and stick to it. Make a list of the essential items required and then make a wish list of items/services you would like to book if your budget allows. Planning a wedding should be an enjoyable experience so don’t fall into the trap of adding unnecessary stress and expense on yourself and your fiancé by trying to plan a champagne wedding on a lemonade budget. Know your budget, stick to it and enjoy the experience and remember, it’s the people that make a wedding not the frills on the day.

To make an appointment to meet our wedding coordinator, Francesca, or to find out more about our tailored wedding packages, contact Francesca today on 01 835 0800 /

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