Pillo Hotel Ashbourne Refurbishment UPDATE

The Pillo Hotel Ashbourne will REMAIN OPEN

We are very disappointed to learn that there was a delay in the production for some of the materials for our lobby refurbishment. :( With Christmas and New Year things just ran a little behind. This delay has huge consequences for us however, we had meticulously planned every detail of the refurbishment ensuring that none of our guests were affected. From the beginning of February we have weddings, events, fundraisers and meetings all booked into the hotel, not to mention all our wonderful guests who call the Pillo Hotel home during family breaks, romantic getaways and business trips. For us to reschedule in the coming months would mean to having to cancel these events and bookings and that is something we are not willing to do – our guests are paramount and always will be! Over the past week and a half we have worked tirelessly to resolve this issue and find alternative solutions but unfortunately have been unable to find one that wouldn’t affect our guests. We are working to find a date that would be feasible for the work to start and will update you as soon as we have one. We know that this will come as a disappointment to all our wonderful guest as it has for us but we will work hard to find a solution asap. In the meantime the Hotel will remain OPEN.