Making Mother's Day at Home Special

We have all been effected by the Corona Virus in one way or another and unfortunately with bars and restaurants (and our beloved hotel) closed celebrating Mother's Day will be a little trickier than usual. But don't despair - We've come up with 5 great ways to celebrate all things Mam this Mother's Day. 

1 - Breakfast in Bed
Who doesn't love breakfast in bed?? It's the perfect way to start Mother's Day by treating Mam to a lovely breakfast. It can be anything from toast to a fry - or whatever Mam's favourite is! Want to make it even more special? While you're busy cooking up a storm why not have the kids make some handmade cards? 

2 - A Mam-icure
See what we did there? That's right after a lovely breakfast in bed treat mam to the ultimate spa experience with an at home manicure. Let the kids get busy with the nail polish and give Mam a lovely manicure. Top tip ... you're going to need A LOT of nail polish remover and paper towels! 

3 - Afternoon Tea Treats 
Afternoon tea is a Mother's Day staple and the best thing about it? It's super easy... everyone knows how to make a sandwich right? Our top tip is to cut the crusts off and cut the sandwich lenght ways to create the perfect finger sambos. Mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese work a treat too. Choose a nice combinations of all Mams favourites. Worried about trying to make all the sweet treats? Why not pop down to your local bakery and pick up a few - they will definitley appreciate your support in these tough times. Want to get the kids involved? Pretend it's Mams favourite restaurant and the kids the owners, helping to serve the sandwiches and sweet treats. Our top tip? Add prosecco - everything is better with a glass of bubbles!

4 - It's Showtime!
Have the kids (and maybe you too) put on a show to celebrate all things Mam. If the performing arts aren't your thing don't worry there's still lots you can do! you can write a poem or a story, make a list of all the reasons that Mam is the best in the world. Get creative! 

5 - And Relax! 
The perfect way to end the day? Curling up on the couch and watching a film with all the family. Pick a film that everyone.. but especially Mam will love. Get everyone on the couch, close the curtains, turn off the lights and spend time relaxing as a family. Our top tip? Sweets, chocolate, pop corn - get it all!! 


We know this Mother's Day will be a little different and we want to make it as special as possible for all the wonderful Mams out there. We know that some people will have to spend Mother's Day apart from their loved ones. Where possible use video calls to keep in touch. We hope you liked our suggestions and that you have a fantastic day. 

We have Mother's Day vouchers available online here - We can post them to you or you can download and print.