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Latest Version: 20/03/18

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Pillo Hotel & Spa Ashbourne is committed to protecting and respecting your data.

The Pillo Hotel & Spa Ashbourne website uses cookies in order to make our website function properly and by continuing to access our website, you agree that we can place the cookies described below on your device.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device by a web browser e.g. Google,

Firefox or Edge that holds information about your previous visits to our website. It enables our website to remember your actions and preferences e.g. login, language, font size and other display preferences over a period of time, to save you the time it takes to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another. Therefore, on returning to our website this stored information is fed back to us allowing us to offer you a more personal and seamless browsing experience.

Further information on cookies can be found at:


Recital 30 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) states:

“Natural persons may be associated with online identifiers […] such as internet protocol addresses,

cookie identifiers or other identifiers […]. This may leave traces which, in particular when combined

with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to create profiles

of the natural persons and identify them.”

In order to meet the legal requirements of EU Law, the minimum requirement is that clear

communication is provided to the user as to what he/she is being asked to consent to in terms of

cookies usage and a means of giving or refusing consent is required.

▪ Communications) Regulations 2011 ("SI 336/2011")

▪ EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (“GDPR”)

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time and from time to time without

notice by publishing a new version on our website. Please refer to the top of this document to see

date of the latest version in force.


By using our website and voluntarily providing any personal data to us through booking or browsing,

you confirm that you agree to and consent to the terms of this Privacy Statement on your behalf and

on behalf of others you are representing including but not limited to organisations and whose

information you submit and including the collection and use of information, to the extent that your

consent is required by any applicable law. Continued access and use of the Site without acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Statement relieves us from responsibility to the user.

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

1. Strictly necessary cookies

Sometimes referred to as “Session Cookies”.

These cookies are essential and enable you to navigate our site and gain full access to our

website features and secure areas. Without these cookies, essential services you have

requested for example e-shop and e-billing cannot be provided.

2. Functionality cookies

Sometimes referred to as “Permanent Cookies” or “Persistent Cookies”

These cookies allow our website to remember choices you make (such as your user name,

language and/or the region in which you are located) and provide enhanced, more personal

features. These cookies may also be used to remember changes you have made to the text

size, fonts and other parts of the web pages that you are able to customise. The information

these cookies collect are anonymised and they cannot track your browsing activity on other

websites. Functionality cookies can also be used to provide services you have previously

requested for example viewing videos or commenting on a blog. The information collected by

these cookies may be anonymised and they cannot track your browsing activity on other sites.

3. Performance cookies

Sometimes referred to as “First-party Cookies”

These cookies collect information about how you use our website including but not limited to

which pages you go to most often, and if you receive error messages from specific web pages.

These cookies do not collect information that identifies you and all the information these

cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It is only used to improve how our

website works. Essentially performance cookies provide vital information and the role of these

cookies is to allow us to analyse and improve the performance of our website ensuring you

receive a consistent look, feel and experience.

4. Targeting/Advertising cookies

Sometimes referred to as “Third-party Cookies”

These cookies are used to deliver adverts and communications that are more relevant to you

and your interests and are used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well

as help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They are usually placed by

advertising networks only with the website operator’s permission. They remember that you

have visited a website and this information is shared with other third-party organisations such

as advertisers. Quite often targeting or advertising cookies will be linked to site functionality

provided by the other organisation. We would use these or advertising cookies to show you

advertisements on other websites that are related to our hotel and/or hotel group we belong to. This is called ‘retargeting’ and these cookies remember that you have visited our website

and the information is shared with other organisations such as third-party advertisers. Thirdparty

advertisers including Google, use first-party cookies (Google Analytics cookie) and thirdparty

cookies (DoubleClick cookie) together to inform, optimise, and serve advertisements

based on someone’s past visits to our website. When one of these adverts is presented to you

on a site there will be a quick and easy way to click in and opt out of receiving further adverts.

5. Other cookies

These cookies are specialist in nature and are for designed and used for a very specific

purpose. We do not use any Other cookie types. We only use cookies that can be included

within one of the categories above.


Name Purpose Type Lifecycle

Google Analytics

__utma for google analytics tracking third party 2 years

__utmb for google analytics tracking third party 30 minutes

__utmc for google analytics tracking third party

expires at the end of the


__utmz for google analytics tracking third party 6 months

Other Performance



to provide counts of new and repeat

visits first party expires in two weeks

_qsst For Qubit analytics tracking third party

expires at the end of the


_qst For Qubit analytics tracking third party 1 year

_qubitTracker For Qubit analytics tracking third party 1 year

_qubitTracker_s For Qubit analytics tracking third party

expires at the end of the


Strictly Necessary


to hold the session_id for this

transaction first party

expires at the end of the



Our website is designed to function optimally with cookies – as detailed above – enabled to provide a seamless, enhanced and more personal experience. However, should you wish to disable cookies on our website whilst browsing, this can be controlled through your browser settings and it is possible to stop your browser accepting cookies.

Important Note: If you do deactivate cookies on our website, it may result in some of the website

features become disabled and you may lose some functionality. This may have a detrimental impact

on your browsing experience and mean that you may have limited access to personalised areas of the

website. It is important to bear in mind that with cookies disabled, a very tiny amount of information

will continue to be retrieved from your web browser.


As outlined above in the section “How to disable our cookies” whilst you have the ability to disable

our cookies it is also possible to block or delete some, or all cookies that have already been set on your

device by the web browser you have chosen to use.

If you wish to restrict or delete some or all of the web browser cookies set on your device, you can do so through your browser settings. The “Help” function within the web browser on your device will explain how to amend the cookie settings.

Here below are useful links on how to delete cookies within the some of the more broadly used web


Microsoft Internet Explorer – How to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge – How to delete cookies in Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome – How to delete cookies in Google Chrome

Firefox – How to delete cookies in Firefox

Safari – How to delete cookies in Safari

Further information on can be found on either of the sites below and both contain comprehensive

information on how to manage cookies on a wide variety of desktop browsers.


This is the Cookie Policy of the Pillo Hotel & Spa Ashbourne. Our registered office is The Rath, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

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